Here you can find some of the resources put together by the 14-24 team.
Some resources may only be available on the Leeds Templars Google Drive.

  • Action plan – for 2024
  • Programme team framework – how the team works + who to contact
  • DofE resources for adults
  • Young leaders resources for adults
  • Explorers – resources for adults and young people
  • Pages that explorers can use to get digital badges?
  • Network resources
  • Programme resources
  • How to guides for running events + funding them
  • How to contact groups for young leaders
  • Tracker of which groups have currently got (up to) 2 young leaders helping them – google drives link
  • Enquiries resources links for joining network/explorers – google drive
  • Top awards resources
  • Risk assessments
  • Additional needs guides
  • Diversity and inclusion resources