Here you can find some of the resources put together by the Programme team.
Some resources may only be available on the Leeds Templars Google Drive.

Coming Soon

  • Action plan – for 2024
  • Programme team framework – how the team works + who to contact
  • Event finances – google link
  • Events template – how to put events on
  • Badges
  • Top awards
  • Programme planner page
  • Sponsors
  • Scouts month by month link
  • Nights away permit – template documents, who to contact callum mcintyre+mike Hansbrough, who to go to for activity permits ?,
  • List of who has permits – idea – google drive link
  • Community contacts + relevant badges – fire service, guide/hearing dogs,
  • Meetings, agenda, programmes – somewhere to upload?
  • Risk assessments
  • Additional needs guide
  • Diversity and inclusion resources


The activity permit scheme ensures that all of those leading adventurous activities for young people or anyone leading a nights away event are trained with the skills, experience and suitability to do so.

Nights Away

The leader of a nights away event is required to hold a nights away permit. These are managed by District and training is done by our Nights Away assessors. Contact the Programme Team lead if you are interested in getting a nights away permit.

Once gained, you can run a nights away event in any District or County in the UK.

Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and adventure is a core part of the Scouting Programme. The Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme aims to ensure that all activities are done safely by qualified instructors.

Adventurous activities are:

  1. archery
  2. caving
  3. climbing and abseiling, except:
    • bouldering
    • climbs using auto belay systems (systems that lower a climber to the ground without any human intervention)
  4. cycling in cycle environment one and two
  5. hillwalking in terrain one and two
  6. hovercrafting
  7. snowsports (except artificial slopes and nursery slopes)
  8. all water activities, except swimming, on class B1, B2, B3 or A waters
  9. all motorised water activities and SCUBA activities on class C waters.

Under certain circumstances you may need a Hill Walking Permit for your Walk, Hike or Expedition. However, even if you do not need a permit, you must still get the District Lead Volunteers direct consent for any walk, hike or activity outside of your normal meeting place.

You do not need a permit for what is considered Terrain Zero – any Terrain that means ONE OF the following:

  • Below 500 metres above sea level AND BOTH OF:
    • is within 30 minute travel time from a road that can take an ambulance / within 30 minutes from an occupied building or means of summoning help e.g. a farmhouse or telephone box
    • has no steep slopes or rocky terrain, where a slip may result in a fall
  • Terrain which is either:
    • A road
    • A path adjacent to a road which you would not see traffic

We have put together all information about the Hill Walking Permit Scheme and Maps highlighting areas above the thresholds for each permit on the Hill Walking page.