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Join/Apply – Young person

The join form for 4-18 year olds filled in by an adult

Apply to Join (4-18)

This form is for applying to join any section at any of our Groups for any young person aged 4 – 18 years old to apply for: Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers.

This should be filled in by a Parent/Guardian of the young person or with their consent.

Young Person's Details

Name of Young Person(Required)
Date of Birth of Young Person(Required)

Parent/Guardian Details

Name of Primary Parent/Guardian(Required)
The mobile number of the Primary Parent/Guardian that will be contacted about places available
Please enter the email address of any Secondary Parent/Guardian. They will also receive an email if a place is available.

Scout Group or Explorer Unit Details

Please select your first choice of Scout Groups (4-14) or Explorer Units (15-18) you want to join.
Please select your second choice of Scout Groups (4-14) or Explorer Units (15-18) you want to join.
Please select your third choice of Scout Groups (4-14) or Explorer Units (15-18) you want to join.
Do you wish to be contacted if a place is available outside of your top 3 choices?(Required)
This will not affect whether you get a place in your prefered choices but may mean you get to join Scouts more quickly.
Are you able to volunteer regularly?(Required)

Scouts is run by volunteers. We often find that our groups do not have enough leaders to run or to increase the number of Scouts we have at any one time. If you can volunteer alongside your young person, it may make it easier and quicker to find a place but is not required to get a place in Scouts.
Is there any other information that we might need to know to help us to make an informed choice about your Young Person can join Scouts? e.g. any additional comments, accessibility or additional needs
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Have you considered volunteering?

Scouting in Leeds Templars is run entirely by volunteers donating 1000s of hours each week from over 100 volunteers.

Many of our Scout Groups do not currently have enough leaders to run their sections and often rely on parent rotas to have enough adults present to run each night.

In order to increase the number of young people that can join Scouting at Leeds Templars, we need you!
If you can volunteer time to Scouts (either with young people or behind the scenes) you will get priority on the joining list and help us increase the total number of young people in Scouts.