Scouts is all about challenging yourself.
This year the challenge is aimed to get Scouts outside and earn the Outdoors in 24 badge along the way.

Make the Outdoors in 24 part of your next adventure

Leaders can build it into the programme or make it part of your next camp.

You can customise your Outdoors in 24 Bucket list to suit your section’s age, accessibility and needs so that everyone can give it a go.

outdoors in 24 blanket badge

Your 24 bucket list

The aim is to get Scouts outside, so Scouts have put together a list of 24 exciting things to do outdoors.

It can be completed throughout the year to earn the Outdoor in 24 blanket badge.

The Challenge Webpage has a great selection of activities to choose from, linked to the Scouts Activity Finder, but you can complete each activity however you want to. 

Make it your own

Or, you can come up with a bucket list entirely your own in your Section or Group to complete for the badge instead! You could complete 24 new outdoor activities, have a sleepover over for 24 hours, or learn 24 new skills. It’s up to you!

You can pick and choose what is accessible in your area to make sure everyone gets a go and gets to go outside.

Leeds Templars #OI24

Think of some activities or events that you can do with other Scout Groups in the District? Tell us in the next Programme meeting for your section.

Can’t make a meeting? Every Leader from your section is invited to section planning meetings so pass on the message and get more people excited about Scouting in 2024.